Monday, December 29, 2008

Springtime in December

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I was lucky enough to spend the holiday with my boyfriend and his family. His sister Ariel did an amazing job decorating their house for the festivities. Filled with greens and candlelight, it was both beautiful and cozy. I only wish I had pictures to share with everyone.

After Christmas, the world seemed to think it was alright to skip the rest of winter and go straight to spring. The temperature reached nearly 60 degrees here yesterday! We celebrated the unseasonal weather with a balmy hike through the not yet melted snow of last week's storm. I found myself craving pinks and greens, sunshine and breezes.(Photos from Sandra Lane via Sarah Kaye and Christophe Dugied via Cote Maison)

I had a great Christmas Vacation and I loved the slight taste of spring, but I'm happy to be back home and back to regular winter weather.(Photo from Cote Maison)

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